GADET operating guidelines

About as and objectives

We are a team of scientists (Academics, Industrialists, Startup CEOs, Data Engineers) trying to promote the use of new technologies related to the collection, representation, modeling and analysis of Big Data by :

  • Supporting people working with them to upgrade their skills and prove their capabilities to the professional world
  • Promoting the leading software and framework in this context.

Currently we have created a German non-profit association named GADET (German Academy for Data Emerging Technologies, in the mission to certificate every person using AI and Big Data to prove its compliance with standards and contractual requirements.

As specialists, we feel the need that it could be important to demonstrate technical competence and adherence to the emerging data processing technologies by offering the opportunity for young students and graduates (especially in countries with low financial resources) to be certified with symbolic prices while having an international recognition of the knowledge acquired in these fields which are currently highly valued by the job market (away from the monopoly of big companies  and with a reasonable price to cover mainly the live proctoring process).

GADET’s financial operating methods

All the participants in the Gadet processes are volunteers who share the same visions and values as the founding members. No remuneration is provided for either the participants or the industrial partners; the only consideration offered by GADET is free materials and vouchers (for the participants and their trainees) and free visibility for the industrial partners via our website in relation to our community.

The symbolic fees of the certification passages will be used to pay the costs of live proctoring during the exams (identity checks and supervision) and the fixed costs of the association (rental of the premises, evolution of the web site, ISO etc.)

Certification Processes

Contents Preparation

This is a team effort and is carried out in three stages:

Step 1: units of the scientific committee related to every certification discipline are responsible for proposing topics and syllabi widely valued by the job market in the data field, this team consists of junior and senior consultants specialized in the considered subject, freelance professional trainers or professional training organizms representatives and our industrial partners representatives.

Step 2: the proposed topics are presented to all the scientific committee members and to our industrial partners representatives  to be evaluated via an online survey (at the creation and every 4 months).

Step 3: the validated themes will be developed with production of materials, exams questions boxes, necessary virtual machines or software environments and the basic parameters of every exam (duration, score needed to pass etc.). This work will be done by the same committee that proposed the topics and syllabi supported by voluntary experienced university teachers and professional trainers. 

Examinations and impartiality

Participants wishing to certify themselves make the reservation request via the contact form (to be confirmed by the GADET exam coordinator).

The questions of an exam (related to a participant) are generated automatically and randomly from the questions box prepared by our respective committee to this certification via a quiz creation application, the correction is automatic after the submission responses of the candidate and the result will be sent to the concerned after the retrieval of the proctoring report.

For exams, subjects are hosted by an external proctoring organization that will manage the identification and supervision of the candidates during the exams by sending us their reports in real time. The results of the proctoring reports and the scores of the participants will allow us to proclaim results and to deliver certificates with integrating of all completions on our site.  

How to participate with us?

3 possible options depending on your availability:

Option 1: To be a member of the scientific committee by participating in the evaluation of certifications once every 4 months via an online survey.

Option 2: Participate in GADET’s administrative activities and have a responsibility

Option 3: To be a member of a committee preparing materials and exams for a certification thematic.

Your participation can be personal or via the representation of your organization (both are possible too)